Coworking Days

AIGA Chicago

The social media branding from copy to design for this bi-monthly event that brings together creatives and design professionals to work in a collaborative environment.


My inspiration drew from brainstorming sessions, which you and your team pull out the whiteboard and sticky notes to get maximum amount of collaboration done. The results, the best possible creative idea ever (wishful thinking).

First Location: 2112

This design has subside for the ones below, but my idea here was total contrast from the bright color sticky notes. The result is effective yet not entirely eye-catching in a crowded Instagram feed.

Second Location: One Design Company

I felt the need to reflect the space which this event was held. One Design is a well-known Chicago brand studio that creates powerful experiences. I went with photos provided by the company itself to be the base of my designs. I went with three that spoke to our entire concept of Coworking Days, but also ensuring to relate to my original designs. The sticky note colors are the consistency throughout this branding effort.

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